“Are you & your child feeling too stressed out, overwhelmed, overworked, too busy or suffering from past hurts that are impacting negatively in your personal or professional or school lives?”

Finally learn how you & your child can relax, declutter & de-stress your minds, calm your bodies & gain inner peace using these simple & easy to use Guided Meditations. No previous experience necessary. Just simply close your eyes & listen to the relaxing, tranquil story as it unfolds.

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What is a Guided Meditation
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Peaceful Meditations


Each meditation has been uniquely designed & created to help and guide YOU & YOUR CHILD, to journey at your own pace.

These Guided Meditations contain beautiful instrumental background music combined with authentic ‘Sounds of Nature’ & simple, easy-to-follow visualisations exploring the world of nature & other exciting realms.

There is also an opportunity to gain some personal insight & clarity. So allow the softly toned & soothing voice of Dalene to gently guide you & your child through these peaceful meditations that are available for download & listen to at any time.


What our customers have to say

Emily P

Dalene’s meditations give me a chance to leave the busy-ness of the day behind so I can relax and recharge. Her soothing voice allows me to reach a state of relaxation quickly and effectively. Blissful!

Catherine O'B

I met Dalene in 2007 and immediately felt her open, loving and healing vibration. Dalene is able to convey loving acceptance and at the same time draw on discipline to assist in helping others to heal. I was drawn to her voice and felt very accepted by her nurturing energy. Dalene’s meditations are the only meditations that can place me in a very deep, relaxed state and she is very easy to listen to.

Sheryl C

I love the guided meditations we have done in class. They are easy to follow, wonderfully paced and Dalene’s voice does half the work for me!

Melinda M

I have been coming to Dalene’s meditation classes for many years now. I always go home relaxed, energised and more aware of Spirit and our connections. Dalene is such an inspiration to how we all wish to live our lives in love and light. Dalene is a true Divine Spirit. I can never express enough gratitude for how she has helped me.

Sheree L

I find the meditations very beneficial as life gets very busy. It helps me to calm down and tune into my body and to release everything from my headspace that I don’t need.

Sharon P

I have known Dalene for several years and she has greatly assisted me with my spiritual growth through the meditation circles. Through her loving connection to Spirit and her gentle guidance, a safe place is created. I have learnt to trust my intuition and guidance and have loved the tools she has taught me to help me be at peace in my mind and body.

Christina J

I’ve been attending Dalene’s meditation classes for over ten years. They have truly transformed my life. I have learnt how to connect my body, mind and spirit. The tools I have received go beyond comprehension. As a result, I can centre, ground and restore my own energy. I couldn’t speak of these meditations and classes more highly. Blissful.

Dave C

In the time I was a student of Dalene's we did a broad range of work. However the transformational topic and what has impacted the man I am today since then - was around my Inner Child. At the time I had done self-development work around this topic however it mainly tapped into the mental side of things (I am a big over thinker and have trouble getting my mind out of the way). Dalene taught me how to access my inner child through my heart & soul in a way that counsellors and supportive friends just don't have available to them. It was through the love and guidance of Spirit. Through Dalene's teaching I was able to hug my small, scared and hurting inner child for the first time. This kindled a relationship between the adult me and that little inner me. This relationship continues to be strong, ongoing and a sacred part of what makes me a happier and more wholesome person today. If you find it hard to get out of your own way, have tried other things and not been satisfied or perhaps haven't even considered what it might be like to check in on that special inner part of you, then I recommend working with Dalene. Her facilitation in empowering you to connect with Spirit and your inner essence can heal and nurture in wonderfully unexpected ways that personally I had no concept of this ever being possible - till it happened.

Elly Louise

Ever since working on my inner child in the meditation sessions with Dalene, my life has changed completely. I know that I am a different person because of this work and have noticed how much this has changed all the relationships in my life for the better. Dalene has also shown me how valuable it is to continue doing this work on my inner child, so I can keep moving forward. Personally for me, I feel that this work was really the root of everything I needed to deal with and I can't thank Dalene enough.

Sara P

It has been in my experience of working closely with Dalene that the tools that have helped me and my inner child to heal, primarily have been the guided meditations & healing sessions. I have existed for many years with a deep sense of discontentment; sense of not belonging; and feeling completely unworthy on the inside. However, on the outside, I was displaying a self-driven, over-achiever, cheerful, people pleaser. It was so exhausting! The most significant changes I have noticed about myself since starting the journey to heal my inner child is that I have made peace with my past, forgiven myself and others, gained more compassion for myself and have now set healthy boundaries. In essence, I have learnt to love myself. The tools are simple to use and there may be light bulb moments. In other times, it is more subtle than this. The journey can be fun and light as well, and Dalene is a gifted professional and has had multiple years of experience in this field. She is genuinely passionate about her work as a Meditation Teacher and Healing Facilitator.