Message from Dalene


Dalene Knowles, Health Minds Holistic Services, Mornington Peninsula (Vic, Aust)

Dalene Knowles, Peaceful Meditations, Mornington Peninsula (Vic, Aust)

My name is Dalene Knowles and I am the Founder and Creator of Peaceful Meditations.  I am a qualified Intuitive Counsellor, Meditation Teacher and Healing Facilitator since 2000.  I currently run a private practice on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria (by appointment only).

At these appointments,  I conduct individual intuitive counselling, meditation and healing sessions for those who wish to overcome stressful childhood events, and unsettling and difficult times.

“I am compassionate and empathetic by nature! .. And I believe my purpose in life is to provide opportunities to help and guide others to understand and move beyond their stress and inner turmoil.” – Dalene Knowles, Founder of Peaceful Meditations. 

If you are seeking change…. then it all starts with gently nurturing your inner wounded child that has experienced the emotional upset or trauma. Thoughts and feelings may lay deep, dormant and buried within you and may be the cause and effect of difficulties in your life right now. Once hurts, traumas and past burdens from your childhood are discovered and brought to light, then the real healing can begin!

Herzen pinkDuring our Sessions
: Many clients will experience a calmness and connectedness that naturally flows to them, enabling them to feel more confident and trusting in the process. This provides the platform for healing on many levels to occur. I encourage you to seek healing for yourself in a safe, secure and nurturing environment like the one that I will provide for you in our sessions.

Meditation is an integral part of my work and my everyday life and this enables me to deliver my heart-centred work.  I believe meditation will help you to be more calm and peaceful and have the ability to deal with life’s everyday anxieties and stresses much more easily.

I have held Meditation Group sessions and healing circles for over 15 years. Predominantly, these meditations and healings are based on helping individuals to heal their inner child from emotional wounds and traumas from their past. This is what I am wanting for you too.

Intuitively, I find I am able to provide the right words to help a person on their journey towards healing and recovery from their traumatic events and life stresses. I am now bringing these healing words out into the world in the form of “Guided Visualisation Meditations” that are accessible to anyone.

message from Dalene 2“As the founder of Peaceful Meditations, I am here to guide you on an adventure into meditation that is going to help you to reconnect with your inner child and reclaim your true self. As you connect and find yourself in these quiet and inspiring spaces you will uncover a part of you that may have been forgotten. We will work with this unfolding inspiration and gently nurture and encourage it to come to the forefront, so it can be more easily accessed. You will then have the opportunity to heighten your senses, rekindle your childlike exuberance and rediscover the awe and wonder of life.

So, follow the sound of my voice and let me take you on a delightful journey to gently examine your inner world. We will travel into the beautiful and peaceful world of nature and other exciting realms that are simple and enjoyable, relaxing and very healing. We will work with your inner child to nurture and encourage them forth into your life.

Through my heartfelt guidance I will lead you back to yours. We will find peace together.”  – Dalene Knowles, Founder and Creator of Peaceful Meditations.