Background and History

Where it all began

In my past work within the community roles as a Police Officer and Registered Nurse, I felt restricted in these roles and I didn’t feel it was a right fit for me. These working environments were highly stressful, involved huge responsibilities and pressures and required very demanding hours. It was exhausting.

I haDale Knowles - Schmetterlingd a deep desire to help others in a more nurturing and balanced way than what I was currently doing. I wanted to follow my heart and further explore this area of my life. I wanted to live in truth, integrity and harmony and allow my ‘true-self’, to flourish more.

Throughout my life, healing has always come naturally to me. So I was easily drawn to this area on a professional level. I feel that I have been doing this work on some level ever since I was a child. It’s has become a part of ‘who I am’ and I feel I get a ‘sense of knowing’ about a person intuitively.

Twenty years ago, I began to explore healing of my own inner child and to make my life more meaningful. I started to open up to the concept of healing and meditations and I was especially drawn to the simple tool called: “Creative Guided Visualisation Meditation”.

Dale Knowles - Underwater coral, shells and sand. Sea scene.

At that time, my life and my mind was so busy and crowded that it never occurred to me that this would help me ‘clear my mind’ and provide me with a sense of inner peace I was searching for. Fortunately, it was the beginning step of healing that I needed.

As I became more aware of tapping into my intuitive guidance and knowledge, I started to share with others what I had learnt. I recognised that I was able to help others to discover their own intuitive self and teach them effective ways to embrace inner healing. It was at that point, that I began to create my own Guided Visualisation Meditations based on these learnings.

Through these Creative Visualisation Meditations, I’m looking forward to connecting to your heart space and guiding you there.