Can my child listen to any of the Children’s Meditations by themselves?

Yes, absolutely! Each of the Children’s Guided Meditations are specifically designed to create a safe, gentle, supportive & loving environment for your child to go on a simple visualisation journey, all by themselves. If you feel the need to, once you’ve purchased & downloaded any of the Children’s Meditations from this site, please feel free to listen to them first, before giving them to your child to listen to.

What age group is suitable for the Children’s Meditations?

All of the Children’s Meditations available for purchase & download on this site are suitable for primary school aged children (6 – 12 years old).

Can I meditate & listen to any of the Children’s Meditations with my child?

Absolutely! This is a great idea. Not only will meditating with your child strengthen the bond that you have with them, but listening to any of the Children’s Meditations available on this site, will help you to perhaps, reconnect with your own inner child. The Children’s Meditations might allow your heart to remain more open to the joys & wonder of life. It’ll be very uplifting for you.

My life is busy & I find it hard to set aside time to meditate. Any suggestions?

The majority of the Adult Guided Meditations available for purchase and download from this site, take about 20 minutes to listen to. Most people can reasonably set aside 20 minutes for themselves to meditate, either early in the morning before their day begins or at night time, just before they go to bed. It’s about making it a part of your normal everyday routine – like brushing your teeth. Good luck and enjoy your 20 minutes…

Which Guided Meditation do I start listening to first?

If you’ve never meditated before, feel free to listen to the shorter Guided Meditations for Beginners available for download & purchase on this site, (ranging from 10 mins to 20 mins). And as you start to get used to sitting still or lying down for that period of time, then slowly work your way up to listening to the longer running Guided Meditations for Beginners (ranging from 20 mins to 30 mins), that are also available on this site. Have fun.

What if I am not a visual person? Can I still do these Guided Meditations?

Yes you can successfully follow these Guided Meditations because you don’t necessarily have to ‘see’ within your mind’s eye what is being described to you in these simple & easy to follow visualisations. You can just either get a sense or a knowing of what that image would look like. And hey presto – you’re meditating!

Can I listen to these Guided Meditations more than once?

Yes you can. The Guided Meditations offered on this site, have been specifically designed for you to listen to them again and again. Each meditation offers something unique to you, whether it is an opportunity to take some time to relax or heal or gain some personal insight. Each meditation provide simple & easy tools to use and follow. You can then gently release whatever stress, tension or emotional hurts you are ready to let go of, layer by layer. And because of this, each time you meditate, it will be a different experience for you.

Why offer Guided Meditations & not offer some other form of Meditation?

Guided Meditations are really easy to use & follow. It is a very helpful, user-friendly form of meditation for beginners because you are guided from start to finish of the meditation & all you need to do is to simply listen &  follow. It’s literally like listening to a peaceful, calming story with your eyes closed. So no previous experience is necessary. This type of meditation practice is a fantastic starting point for people who have busy, cluttered minds, or for people who have tried to meditate before using other forms of meditation, but failed miserably.

What if I find it difficult to clear my thoughts & quieten my mind?

This is a common issue experienced by newcomers to the practice of meditation. Once you realize & accept that your mind’s job is to think & that thoughts are still going to come into your meditative space, then it is easier to let go of fighting your mind. Along with this realization, there are many other useful ways that can help you to ‘clear your mind’ & one of them is to write down a list of things that you are thinking about before you start your Guided Meditation. It’s amazing how quickly your mind starts to calm down, once you have made the list.
For more mediation hints like this one, please feel free to sign up & become a member of this website & you will automatically receive 10 free meditation tips that are simple, quick and easy to use.

What if I find it difficult to sit for a length of time to listen to the Guided Meditations?

This is common issue experienced by beginners. It’s so important to find a position that you are comfortable in before you start your Guided Meditation. So try out different ways of sitting or lying down.

You could try lying down on the floor or on a mat with a pillow supporting your head.

Or if you have a tendency to fall asleep whilst meditating, then try semi-lying down by propping the upper half of your body up with supportive pillows behind your head & back & have your legs straight out in front of you, resting on the floor.

Or simply listen to one of these Guided Meditations at night time, when you are in bed & ready to go to sleep.

Or change the chair that you would normally sit in so that your back has more support or sit on a comfortable cushion on your chosen chair.

Or you could try to sit on comfortable cushions on the floor or ground.

Alternatively, you could sit on the floor & lean against a wall to help support your back. There are no right or wrongs in this, so have a play around with sitting or lying down, until you find a comfortable position that you can relax into.

Why is there a longer pause or break in the narration of each of the Guided Meditations?

After you have been guided into the visualisation part of these Creative Meditations, there is an opportunity for you to ‘just be’. It is a longer break or pause (maximum length of one minute) where there is no narration occurring, just the sound of the background music. In this quiet space, you can take a moment or two to contemplate; allow any personal insight to come to you; drift away to a place of stillness or simply just do nothing. This experience will be unique to you & will probably be a different experience each time you revisit this longer break or pause. Once the longer break is up, the narration continues again & gently guides you to the completion of the meditation.

What happens once I sign up for Membership to this website?

Once you’ve joined, you & your child (if relevant) will be the first to be notified of any new Guided Meditations for purchase on this site & any new Freebies as well. You will also receive access to all articles already posted on this website & any future Articles will be emailed to you on a monthly basis. Each article will contain interesting information about meditation, personal development & other bits & pieces, to help you to de-stress & perhaps gain a different perspective on yourself & your life.

Once I have signed up for Membership, what if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click on the “Lost your Password?” button on the Members Login Page & a temporary password will be sent to your email address. If an email doesn’t come through after about two minutes, then please check your Spam folder as the temporary password sometimes automatically gets sent there.
Then simply use your temporary password to login. Once you’ve logged in, then hover your cursor over the “Members Area” option on the menu bar & click on “Profile” that appears in the drop down bar. On your “Profile” page, you can then change your temporary password to your own new password – one that you can easily remember.

How do I access my purchased downloadable Meditations?

There are three ways that you can access your purchased downloadable audio files.

  1. An ‘Order Received’ page will automatically pop up once you’ve made your purchase. The downloadable link(s) for your meditation(s), will be listed there.
  2. An email will be automatically sent to your email address, confirming your purchased meditation(s), with the relevant link(s) to your audio file(s). Click on the the link(s) to download the audio file(s) to your computer or IPhone. If you’ve purchased more than one Meditation, then click on one link at a time & wait for each audio file to completely download before moving onto the next link.
  3. Once you make a purchase, you automatically become a Member. Just hover your cursor over the ‘Members Area’ on the menu bar of this website & click on “My Downloads’ that appears in the drop down bar. The downloadable link(s) to your purchased Meditation(s) will be listed there. These links will be accessible to you in this section for as long as you remain a Member to this website. Enjoy!

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Yes, we have a Facebook Page – ‘Healthy Minds Meditations’.

Feel free to ‘Like’ our FB Page & you’ll receive weekly inspirational posts about how to maintain a healthy mindset & how to meditate & other positive, uplifting bits of information. Enjoy!

Why are the downloadable Guided Visualisation Meditations offered at different prices?

The prices (AUD) of the Guided Visualisation Meditations available for purchase & download on this site, vary in accordance to their duration. These audio recordings range from 5 to 15 minutes (mainly Children’s Meditations) to 15 to 30 minutes (Adult Meditations) in length.

Will it take a long time to download my purchased Meditations from your site?

Some of the longer Adult Meditations (20 to 30 mins) offered on this site are quite large files & it may take a couple of minutes to download each of them. Obviously, the shorter the meditation recording is, the smaller the file will be & therefore, take less time to completely download onto your computer or iPhone. So please be patient whilst your purchased audio files are successfully downloaded.

What audio format is your Guided Visualisation Meditations in?

Each Meditation audio file is in an mp3 format which is compatible with being downloaded online & compatible with playing on all computers & iPhones.


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