Life’s Reflections

If someone is bothering you, pushing your buttons, getting under your skin or simply making you angry, then it’s time to look in the mirror. Seriously!

Because what you are seeing in this person through their behaviour or actions, is some part of you that you haven’t accepted within yourself. You haven’t made peace with this part of you.

You can then ask yourself –“why is this person getting to me? Causing me to react defensively and leaving me feeling frustrated?

This often occurs because life is reflecting back to you how you truly feel about yourself. Both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. So please recognize that this person has come into your life to teach you something. To energetically trigger off in you an unresolved emotional upset or unhealed negative past event that has happened in your life – that is of similar energy and similar learning.

This unresolved emotional issue lies dormant within your physical body and will remain there until a similar learning or event re-enters your life and triggers off this old pain and trauma. You then have an amazing opportunity to address this and ultimately release some of your emotional baggage.

Having said this, it doesn’t mean that this person’s behaviour is mimicking your own or that you are exactly like this person in terms of how they emotionally react and deal with things. Not at all. It just means that there is a common thread – an emotional link that is similar, but perhaps not played out to the same degree. By allowing yourself to stop and look at what is really bothering you, then there is a chance to embrace some inner healing. And perhaps a chance to repair the energetic connection between yourself and this other person.

This person maybe a relative like a parent, sibling or your own child. Or it could be your partner or friend or someone that you briefly bump into along the way. For example, when another car cuts in front of you on the freeway whilst you are driving your car, notice how you react. If you get angry and start yelling at them, then at some stage in your past, you may have cut in front of someone else on the freeway (whether you meant to consciously do this or not), whilst you were driving. So the driver that is doing this to you now, may resemble a similar reaction and behaviour that you have done in your past.

Or alternatively, this person’s erratic driving behaviour may tap into a time in your life where you have felt unsafe or not in control. Once you step back and look at why you are reacting in this way, more often than not, you will clearly be able to see why this ‘reflection’ has come into your life, in the first place.

And sometimes it’s hard to admit this to yourself that you can actually behave in the same way as this other person. However, if you are really honest with yourself, you will be able to come to a deeper understanding that at one time or another, you have done exactly the same thing. In this awareness, your anger and frustration will gently melt away and be replaced with acknowledgment and acceptance. You may even begin to laugh at YOURSELF. And ultimately, this will lead you to a more peaceful place where you can become more tolerant and less reactive to other people’s behaviour.

So my question to you is – “Who’s getting up your nose at this point in time?”