Meditation & Clearing Your Mind

For beginners to meditation, it’s important to realise that Guided Meditation is not about clearing your mind completely but approaching this type of meditation one step at a time…….

It’s simply allowing yourself to shift your focus from your thoughts to the guided imagery presented within the meditation.

Your mind’s job is to think, so thoughts will still filter through even into your meditative space.

Once you become aware that you have drifted away from the Guided Meditation and you’re thinking about something else, just gently let the thought(s) go and redirect your attention back to the guided imagery.

You may find that you will need to let thoughts go and refocus on the narration of the visualisation quite a few times throughout the meditation. This is normal, this is very normal.

Everyone who has begun a meditative routine has experienced their thoughts coming into play within their meditation.

Just acknowledge your thoughts as tiny steps that need to be released along the way. Again, just one step at a time…..

Over time with consistent meditative practice, the gaps in between your thoughts coming in tend to get wider.

And you will notice that your mind will declutter more quickly as well.

These ‘spaces’ or ‘gaps’ provide some quietness or some stillness, even if it is momentarily.

Much like ‘full stops’ and ‘commas’ and the purpose they serve in the English language.

In these ‘gaps’ created by consistent meditation, moments of clarity can be more easily accessed which inevitably helps you to function more efficiently and effectively in your everyday life.