Children’s Invisible Cape Meditation



For Courage & Protection

This angelic meditation invites your child to be courageous in trying new things and at the same time learn how to energetically protect themselves in the everyday challenges of life. It’s a beautiful opportunity for your child to meet up with the gentle and loving Arch Angel Michael and receive his support and encouragement along this meditative journey. And perhaps even receive a special angelic gift as well.

Suitable for Primary School Age.

Helpful Hints

  1. Your child may like to have their favourite toy or doll or teddy bear with them if the need to, whilst they meditate.
  2. Encourage your child to get into a comfortable position before starting their meditation.
  3. Create a quiet space for your child to meditate in, by turning off the TV, video games and any other distractions.
  4. You are more than welcome to join your child in listening to this meditation, if your child wants you to or needs you to.


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