Children’s Magical Balloon Treehouse Meditation



For Feeling All Feelings

This gorgeous meditation offers your child a safe, magical treehouse to positively release all of their feelings, in a fun and uplifting way. They have an opportunity to feel empowered by knowing and understanding that it’s okay to feel both happy and sad feelings. This lovely meditation will help your child to feel calmer, more peaceful and more relaxed.

Suitable for Primary School Age.

Helpful Hints

  1. Let your child know that they can pause this meditation during the recording, if they need more time to release their feelings.
  2. Your child may like to have their favourite toy or doll or teddy bear with them if the need to, whilst they meditate.
  3. Encourage your child to get into a comfortable position before starting their meditation.
  4. Create a quiet space for your child to meditate in, by turning off the TV, video games and any other distractions.
  5. You are more than welcome to join your child in listening to this meditation, if your child wants you to or needs you to.


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