Adult’s Helping to Heal Your Inner Child Meditation



For Healing Past Hurts

In this guided meditation, your inner child will be given an opportunity to express their feelings and be validated in the process whilst the adult aspect of you stands by and emotionally supports the inner child. This allows your inner child to feel safe & supported, providing an opportunity for a layer of emotional trauma to be released & a deep healing to occur.
Please note – Before you listen to this particular meditation, it is advisable to listen to the Reconnecting with your Inner Child Meditation (available for download from this site) first to re-establish a trusting, loving bond with your inner child.

Helpful hints

  1. Have a doll or a pillow handy to utilise as a proxy for your inner child.
  2. If you have trouble remembering yourself as a child or how your childhood years played out, then have a photo(s) of you as a child with you whilst you are meditating, as a gentle reminder.
  3. Get into a comfortable position before commencing the meditation.
  4. Minimise distractions where possible. i.e. Turn off your phone; find a quiet space and clear a time for yourself where there will be no interruptions.

1 review for Adult’s Helping to Heal Your Inner Child Meditation

  1. Dave C – Dad/Corporate Sector/Spiritual Medium Narraweena, New South Wales

    In the time I was a student of Dalene’s we did a broad range of work. However the transformational topic and what has impacted the man I am today since then – was around my Inner Child. At the time I had done self-development work around this topic however it mainly tapped into the mental side of things (I am a big over thinker and have trouble getting my mind out of the way). Dalene taught me how to access my inner child through my heart & soul in a way that counsellors and supportive friends just don’t have available to them. It was through the love and guidance of Spirit.

    Through Dalene’s teaching I was able to hug my small, scared and hurting inner child for the first time. This kindled a relationship between the adult me and that little inner me. This relationship continues to be strong, ongoing and a sacred part of what makes me a happier and more wholesome person today.

    If you find it hard to get out of your own way, have tried other things and not been satisfied or perhaps haven’t even considered what it might be like to check in on that special inner part of you, then I recommend working with Dalene. Her facilitation in empowering you to connect with Spirit and your inner essence can heal and nurture in wonderfully unexpected ways that personally I had no concept of this ever being possible – till it happened.

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