What’s on your mind?

To help you ‘change your mind’, it’s important to accept both sides of your mind – the positive thoughts and the negative thoughts in order to embrace yourself holistically.

Symbolically, if you view your mind as a coin, you need to be aware of both sides of the coin for the coin to actually exist. It’s the same with your mind.

In your normal day to day routine, just start to notice whether your thoughts are generally positively based or negatively based.

Please recognise that this is not about judging yourself and what you are thinking. It’s just simply becoming aware of what you are focusing on.

If you start berating yourself because of what you are thinking about, then this simply fuels the fire for more negatively based thoughts. Ironic isn’t it?

Throughout your day, if you become aware of your thoughts being out of balance, all you need to do in the moment is to say in your mind or out loud –

“I cancel that thought (or those thoughts) out.”

Then simply replace it with a more positive uplifting thought or statement.

For example, if you are continually thinking about the LACK of money and saying to yourself –

“I have no money. I am struggling to pay my bills”.

All you need to say to yourself is – “I cancel those thoughts out.”

And replace it with a positive statement, something similar to –

“I easily and effortlessly pay for my bills and other expenses.”

Another way to balance your thoughts is to view your mind like a radio station where you have the opportunity at any time to tune into any channel that you would like to listen to.

If a song (i.e. negative thoughts) comes on your radio that you don’t like, then simply turn it down and choose to focus in on something else that is more positive (i.e. positive thoughts). So the song is still playing in the background but not affecting you as much.

Or better still, change the channel and listen to some other music that uplifts you (positive thoughts). Remember, it’s your radio station. You have the power to change your mind. It’s just a thought away…..