What is Guided Meditation?

Dale Knowles - Website photo - Short Courses Page -beach shore with templeA Guided Visualisation Meditation gives your mind something to focus on that is positive and uplifting. It is literally like listening to a peaceful story with your eyes closed. Guided Meditations are a very nurturing and healthy ‘distraction’ for your mind. It’s a terrific starting point for beginners to meditation because it is so easy to do. By being guided through a visualisation journey, it allows your mind to gently shift away from the stress and tension of everyday life and focus on exploring something that is peaceful and calm, like the beautiful healing world of nature.

Perhaps in the past, you have tried to meditate but found it impossible to slow your thoughts down or ‘clear’ your mind. Quite often, this may have left you feeling more frustrated and stressed. But your mind’s job is to think, so thoughts are still going to filter through regardless of what you do. So, it’s all about accepting that this is going to happen and in this acceptance, it allows you to let go of fighting your mind.

In this acceptance and letting go process, ironically your thoughts naturally become ‘less frantic’ and reduces that feeling you may have of ‘your mind having a mind of its own’ and being ‘out of control’. By positively distracting your mind through listening to a peaceful Guided Meditation, this helps you to embrace your mind, rather than fighting it.  Guided Creative Visualisation is an easy method to use and follow. It’s less like hard work and much more about joy, peace and tapping into your true self.

Many people tend to steer away from this type of meditation because they state –

“I am not a visual person.”

However, the user-friendly aspect of Visualisation Meditations is that you don’t have to be a visual person to be guided on a visualisation journey. This is because you don’t necessarily have to ‘SEE’ through your mind’s eye what is being described to you by the narrator of the meditation. You just simply need to KNOW or SENSE what that would look like.

For example, take a look at the image of the temple on the beach at the top of this page. If this image was being described to you through a Guided Visualisation Meditation, you may not necessarily ‘see’ the temple on the beach, but you would know or get a sense of what that would look like. And the positive aspect of this visualisation technique is that everyone would ‘see’ or ‘sense’ or ‘know’ a slightly different version of this image being described to them – and that’s OKAY. So in that moment, you would be focusing on creating the image of a temple on a beach and the stress and clutter of your day will be pushed to the background….. And guess what?

You are meditating!    It’s that simple….

Guided Meditation allows your mind to take a well-earned break from the everyday stress and tension and general demands of your life. You will also start to gain confidence in trusting your own ‘visual skills’ by allowing these images in the Guided Meditation to come to you through one of your natural senses – whether it’s through seeing, sensing or knowing. Over a period of time, by developing a daily practice of listening to this type of meditation, it can lead to a healthier mind and in turn, a healthier life.

So forget what you thought you knew about meditation, and let’s take a journey together. A journey that will lead you into the joyful and delightful parts of your true self that you may have forgotten. It’s like giving yourself permission to let go of the serious and the mundane and embrace what may naturally and spontaneously unfold.

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I’ve been attending Dalene’s meditation classes for over ten years. They have truly transformed my life. I have learnt how to connect my body, mind and spirit. The tools I have received go beyond comprehension. As a result, I can centre, ground and restore my own energy. I couldn’t speak of these meditations and classes more highly. Blissful.
Christina JMum/Yoga TeacherBraidwood, New South Wales